HealthViva Pure Herbs Joint Pain, 60 capsules


  • HealthViva Pure Herbs Joint Pain, a natural formulation to support healthy and flexible joints
  • Herbal extracts helps promote joint health in seniors and sports persons
  • Provides nutritional support for flexible and pain free joints
  • Helps prevent age-related onset of joint pain

HealthViva Pure Herbs Joint Pain capsule is a clinically researched formulation of traditional Indian herbs, like Boswellia serrata, Commiphora Mukul and Withania somnifera for flexible and pain free joints. With age joints (a location where bones connect, like knees) tend to lose cartilage, the flexible tissue connecting the bones and become stiffer. In sports persons joints wear due to overuse. The excellent herbal Vegetarian formulation in HealthViva Joint Pain nourishes and lubricates joints to relieve pain and enhance mobility.